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Kathleen MayneThe music of award-winning composer Kathleen Mayne is richly melodic, rhythmically exciting, and filled with dramatic imagery.  From impressionistic suites to sprightly waltzes and ragtimes, Kathleen's delightful style pleases performers and audiences alike.

The majority of her compositions are scored for Flute Choir and Flute & Piano.  Her music has been commissioned, recorded, and premiered at many National Flute Association conventions, and she is often performed in flute choir concerts around the world.

Snowcrest Music Publishing sells sheet music for a variety of ensembles from solo piano to full orchestra.
The Browse, Listen... tab above will direct you to whichever instrumentation you'd like to see and hear.  For a quick preview of a few scores, click on the music video links at the bottom of this page.

Why the name Snowcrest?  When Kathleen set out to form her company in 1992 she needed a name.  Always wanting to live where it snowed, she finally accepted it wouldn't happen living in the Los Angeles basin, and settled instead for visiting the local San Bernardino mountains in the wintertime.  And who wants to shovel snow to get to a rehearsal?  The "crest" comes from the feathers on the head of the cardinal bird, her favorite bird, which sings a beautiful song and looks particularly stunning against a snowy backdrop.

Introducing Kathleen Mayne's newest music for flute choir: 

A Journey of Hope and Healing
for Solo Flute (C and G Alto Flute) AND Flute Choir:
C Flutes I, II, III, & IV, G Alto Flute, Bass
Flute, C Contrabass (2 if possible)
Flutist, Linda Howard, of the West Michigan Flute Association commissioned this piece,
and it will be premiered by WMFA in the Spring of 2018. 

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Also new for Flute Quartet and Piano is
In Her Majesty's Garden  and  Sleigh Ride! (No, not that one)
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Music preview of scores you'll find in our site:

Seascape for Flute Choir

The frenzied flutter-tonguing and dissonant tones of "Gulls' Flight" portrays the hurried ascents and descents of seagulls at the beach. Contrasting, "Shells," shows the gentle ebb and flow of the sound of waves one hears when holding a shell to their ear. These are movements IV & V from a five movement suite. Francine Pancost is directing the Jewel City Flute Choir of Glendale, Calif.

The Balcony for Flute Choir

This first movement of a seven part suite is as you'd expect, continuously fast, and mirrors the perpetual motion of these tiny birds.  Played with great clarity, the Woodbridge Flute Choir, directed by Debbie Gilbert, has recorded this on their Butterfly CD.  Other birds which visited the composer's balcony are also in this video.

Concertino for Piano & Orchestra

Concertino for Piano and Orchestra was commissioned and premiered by the Ukiah Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Les Pfutzenreuter, Music Director.  Local piano artist, Elizabeth MacDougall, gave the world premiere performance of this work in the winter of 2009.  The music is in one movement and follows the Sonata Allegro form:  an opening statement, followed by a secondary theme, which then proceeds to develop through different tonal centers culminating in a piano solo cadenza then completing the work with a recapitulation of the original themes.

Sonata Jubilate for Flute & Piano

A festive three-movement piece begins with a musical celebration of joy and jubilation. The lyric tones of flutist, Kathy Marsh is accompanied by the composer, Kathleen Mayne.

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